Redflow powers telecoms in the most demanding locations.

Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries provide energy for remotely-located telecommunications infrastructure internationally, including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Redflow’s energy storage solutions equip telecom providers to ensure the off-grid or backup power supply requirements for remotely located telecommunication towers, effectively solving the problems caused by unstable grids, blackouts and intermittent renewable energy.

Soaring global use of mobile phones has led to estimates of 2.5 billion smartphones and four million telecommunication towers by 2018. The strongest growth in telecom tower deployment is in developing nations in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent, where wireless telephony and Internet access have leapfrogged wired telco infrastructure, often in areas with unstable or no grid access.

Telecommunications providers in these areas face significant supply issues, including intermittent power and supply outages that can last for hours, days and even weeks. Even in developed nations, telcos need to ensure failsafe energy supplies to their Base Transceiver Sites (BTS) to meet customer expectations of uninterrupted access to mobile phone and data coverage.

Redflow’s 48-volt DC ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow batteries solve many of the problems that impact telecommunications providers, including the ability to operate in warm and dusty conditions without active cooling; long-term storage at any state of charge, from empty to full, without damaging the battery; and construction materials with little resale value, making them less attractive to thieves. The benefits of Redflow zinc-bromine flow batteries include:

  • Protecto9ng telecom coverage from grid outages and intermittent power supplies
  • Storing solar energy until it’s needed, eliminating the intermittency of renewable power
  • Storing 10kWh of energy with no storage capacity loss over 10 years
  • Delivering 100% depth of discharge on a daily basis
  • A 10-year warranty (see full warranty for details).
  • ‘Virtual genset’ mode loses no power over time and starts in 30 seconds
  • Working in temperatures as warm as 50 degrees C (122 degrees F) without active cooling
  • Inherently non-flammable electrolyte means low risk of thermal runaway
  • Remote access or monitoring via the Internet to reduce the need for site visits
  • Unique design reduces the risk of theft
  • ZBM2 reduces operating expenses (OPEX) and diesel costs when used with a genset
  • Directly replaces lead-acid batteries at existing BTS locations in a fraction of the space
  • Can be stored at any state of charge – from empty to full – for months or years. Please contact Redflow for further details on this option.

To learn more about Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries, visit our ZBM2 page or contact Redflow