CEO interview: Redflow is well-placed to supply global energy market ‘facing a once in a generation change’

In an online interview with 180 Markets, Redflow CEO Tim Harris says the company is ideally placed to supply the global energy market that “is facing a once in a generation change”

In the 18-minute interview, Tim explains to 180 Markets Co-Founder & CEO Greg Lowe (pictured) about the benefits and opportunities for Redflow’s unique zinc-bromine flow batteries, especially in the United States, where Redflow has recently made its largest ever sale, to Anaergia.

Greg Lowe has spent more than 20 years as a professional hedge fund investor, most notably as a partner at $3bn fund P Schoenfeld Asset Management both in the U.S. and Australia.

Watch Tim’s 180 Markets interview on the YouTube video below..

Alan Kohler

Why it’s not all about lithium batteries

Redflow CEO Tim Harris recently briefed Eureka Report’s Alan Kohler about the company’s achievements to date including its recent breakthrough sale to Anaergia in the US.

In the 35-minute interview linked and transcribed below, Tim explains to Alan how zinc-bromine flow batteries are uniquely suited to specific energy storage applications, such as storing power at hot and remote locations such as mobile phone towers in rural areas. 

You can listen to Tim and Alan talking by clicking this link or read the following transcript, which is published with permission from Eureka Report

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Redflow’s battery innovations are perfectly suited to the green energy era

Redflow MD and CEO Tim Harris this week explained Redflow’s battery innovations, the advantages of flow batteries, recent partnerships and new avenues for flow battery expansion with Peter Strachan on Stockhead TV.

Tim was the guest expert on the April 15 edition of RockTalk, a Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of resources experts discussing a new macro topic each week. Click here to watch Tim’s interview.

South Africa’s Harvest SA magazine reports how Redflow batteries beat bushfire blackouts for WA orchard

South African agricultural sector magazine Harvest SA has just published a story about how an off-grid orchard in WA is using Redflow batteries to beat bushfire power blackouts.

After losing power as the night horizon glowed orange with bushfires last summer, WA orchardists Jeff and Kerry Murray installed Redflow batteries to take their Kalyakool property off-grid and make it energy-independent year-round.

A copy of the story is published below, you can read this story in the November 2020 online version of Harvest SA by clicking here or view a PDF copy of the article by clicking here

You can also read Redflow’s original report of this successful installation by clicking here.

Bosco director Philip Verheul

Video: Engineering News South Africa reports how Redflow batteries help PCB maker Bosco avoid power outages

Engineering News South Africa has published a video story about how Johannesburg-based printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer Bosco is using a Redflow battery energy storage system with rooftop solar PV to avoid disruptions caused by power outages that are common in South Africa.

Engineering News reports that the company’s main competitive advantage over duty-free imported PCBs is its ability to serve its local clients quickly and accurately. 

Bosco director Philip Verheul said that meant Bosco must prevent disruptions to engage with its clients, provide quotes and ensure its engineering and design department continued to operate. Our 1 200 solar panels – supported by networked inverters – provide about one-quarter of our energy requirements during the day,” he said. 

“This is connected to the BMS, which automatically recharges the Redflow batteries or dispatches battery energy when needed, including in the event of a power outage.”

You can read the Engineering News story and view the video at 

Engineering News reports on the benefits of Redflow batteries for South African telecommunication towers

Engineering News, the leading source of news on South Africa’s industrial, mining, energy and services sectors, has reported on Redflow’s successful deployment of its zinc-bromine flow batteries at South African telecommunication towers. 

Engineering News describes how Redflow’s South African partners are rolling out Redflow’s modular and heat-tolerant 10 kWh batteries at 20 towers for telecommunications service provider Vodacom after extensive testing over the past six months.

Redflow Managing Director and CEO Tim Harris
Redflow Managing Director and CEO Tim Harris

Including an interview with Redflow managing director and CEO Tim Harris, the publication states the benefits of Redflow batteries for this energy storage application include their ability to:

  • repeatedly cycle from full charge to flat at a constant output rate without any impact on performance or ability to recharge
  • function in temperatures of up to 50 º Celsius without degradation of performance or the need for cooling.
  • reduce diesel costs to power the towers by as much as 66 per cent, with a proportional reduction in logistics, refuelling, service and maintenance costs, and
  • a lower theft risk, compared with other battery types.

Click here to read the full Engineering News report on Redflow. 

Redflow Managing Director and CEO Tim Harris

Podcast: Redflow CEO Tim Harris explains why flow batteries are vital to the renewable energy ecosystem

In his latest Wildcatter podcast, veteran stock analysis Peter Strachan asks Redflow managing director and CEO Tim Harris about the opportunities for the company’s zinc-bromine flow batteries.

In this interview, Mr Strachan – a self-described “lover of the oil and gas game” – examines how Redflow has grown to become an Australian-owned technology leader in the area of battery energy storage with a market capitalisation of about $46m.

Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow battery technology is ideally suited for stationary power storage applications that shift energy availability from intermittent generation sources such as wind and solar photovoltaic, enabling that power to be used at night, or when the wind is not blowing.

Mr Harris describes Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow battery as more of a marathon runner than a sprinter for energy storage. “We see ourselves very much as the workhorse of the renewable energy storage ecosystem,” he said.

In this 25-minute interview, Tim Harris outlines his telecommunications industry background, the unique benefits of Redflow’s batteries and the exciting opportunities the company is targeting.

Redflow has identified off-grid and micro-grid applications, including the supply of power to remote telecommunications facilities and remote communities, where traditional back-up generation can also play a part. Redflow’s product has a long working life and can be cycled continuously, coming with a 3650 full-cycle warranty, which far outstrips its peers in the battery storage industry.

Click here to listen to Peter Strachan interviewing Redflow’s Tim Harris.

Redflow’s zinc-bromine ZBM2 battery to power Optus mobile phone tower in Daintree Rainforest

In less than a week, zinc-bromine battery company Redflow (ASX: RFX) has secured its second sales order, with this latest order set to power an Optus mobile phone tower in far north Queensland’s Daintree rainforest, reports Small Caps.

Optus has ordered six of Redflow’s ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow batteries, which will provide energy storage at Optus’ mobile tower in the Cape Tribulation section of the rainforest.  Redflow’s 10 kilowatt-hour ZBM2 battery is scalable and can deliver 100% discharge daily for 10 years.

According to Redflow, Optus selected the batteries due to their sustained energy storage capacity, tolerance of warm temperatures, remote management capabilities and environmentally friendly design. The battery can provide power in warm climates without the need for external cooling and can withstand temperatures up to 50° Celsius.

“Our batteries thrive on heat and hard work and are not prone to thermal runaway like other battery chemistries,” Redflow chief executive officer Tim Harris said. Read the full story by clicking here.

How to unlock renewables? Cheaper, cleaner, better batteries

Unlock renewables through cheaper, cleaner, better batteries reports Eco-Business in an interview with Redflow non-executive director and technology evangelist Simon Hackett.

“Energy storage systems provide the missing link in the renewable energy revolution by storing energy from when it is produced—when the wind blows or the sun shines—to when it is needed on a still day or at night,” says Simon Hackett, Redflow’s largest investor and non-executive director, who will speak at the Australian Energy Conference and Exhibition, to be held in Adelaide on 23 and 24 May.