BRISBANE, QLD, AUSTRALIA, 2012: The University of Queensland (UQ) has installed the largest rooftop-mounted solar PV array in Australia (1.2 MW), located on three of its buildings at its flagship St Lucia campus in Brisbane, Australia.

In mid-2012, Redflow has installed its M90 energy storage system (90kW / 240kWh) alongside one section of the UQ solar field, marking our entry into the megawatt-scale class of energy storage systems.  It was designed to store solar power generated from a 390 kW section of UQ’s PV array in the daytime, and feed it back into the local network at times when it is needed most.

In mid-2013, Redflow also installed its M120 energy storage system (120kW / 288kWh) in the basement of the University’s Global Change Institute building, also at the St Lucia campus.  Containing 36 ZBMs, this energy storage system was designed to complement the building’s installed 140kW-peak solar array, as well as support the building’s load.